Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Leaf Biscornu

This is a variation on blackwork - so many of my patterns are! Traditionally blackwork is composed of graphic patterns done in black floss on a white or neutral counted cloth. I like to use to use the motifs, but embroider them in different colors. Here, silhouettes of leaves are surrounded by bands of green. I  love the color green - it's so soothing. My vision for this was of all different white or cream buttons in the centers of each leaf cluster. For more fun patterns, please visit me on Etsy -Rainburst Embroidery

©Rainburst Embroidery 2012

The three shades of green listed are Weeks Dye Works threads, but three shades of a harmonious, graduated, green palette would work.

1193 WDW Guacamole
2201 WDW Moss
1279 WDW Holly

The Vine is backstitched in Holly, the leaf veins in Moss, the leaf outlines in Guacamole.

Note:  I usually stick to DMC floss for my patterns because I want my customers to be able to find them easily - but if you are lucky enough to live near a specialty shop - I recommend trying the beautiful threads they have simply for the joy of it! Gental Art Floss and Weeks Dye Works are beautiful. One thing about many of my patterns - I keep a fairly simple color palette. This makes it easy to experiment with different colors. I like the idea that anyone can take my designs, and do them up in colors that go with their own tastes, home decor, or mood.


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