Monday, February 10, 2014

Chess Biscornu Pattern - Freebie

This biscornu pattern reminds me of kings and queens on a chess board. Sorry it had a bad link before - now it's been fixed, it will open a free PDF pattern for you to use, with full color chart and instructions. Best wishes and happy stitching!

Each motif on the biscornu is a historical piece from my research into blackwork & embroidery of the 1600's in Europe. I worked this design on the reverse side of my pattern 'Juliet's Garden', which you can find on my Etsy site Rainburst Embroidery.

The pattern is 59 x 59 stitches - which is about 4.25 inches square when you use 28 count linen or 14 count Aida.

The fun thing about monochromatic patterns? The chance to use a variegated thread in any color you like. I find myself admiring the most amazing floss colors in the store - but may not have a pattern specifically for that color. So, I like having the chance to work with those high-quality threads on a small project. This is a good one for beginners who are new to even-weave linen. It can be tricky to get used to. But because this pattern is made up of smaller motifs, it's a little easier to keep track of where you are!